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Classic - Eyelash Extensions are applied to your natural lashes in a "one-to-one" process.  A full set of Eyelash Extensions is considered 70-100 lashes per eye.  A lash line containing less than 70 lashes per eye can be increased with the style of "Classic + Volume" or using only "Volume Lashes".  Classic Lashes enhance the natural lash line so that it appears you are wearing mascara.  The process of a Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions usually takes approximately 2 hours.  The appointment is booked at 2.5 hours, so there is enough time to talk about the consents, "do's & don'ts" and eyelash concerns.

Special Occasion Set

Special Occasion Set

The Special Occasion Set of lashes is approximately 40 lashes per eye.  This style is for those that want to "try-on" Eyelash Extensions or would like to increase their natural lash line for a special occasion. This process takes approximately 1 hour.  Although, the full appointment is booked for 1.5 hours to discuss the consents, "do's & don'ts" and requested lash concerns.  

Men's Lashes

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Add length or just even up your current lash line.  Either of these options can be achieved with Eyelash Extensions for Men.

Volume Lashes

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Volume Lashing is using a thinner lash to "stack" on one of your natural lashes. The natural lash can be stacked with 2 or 3 Eyelash Extensions.  This is referred to as 2D, 3D or Volume Lashes.  Volume Lashing can be used to either enhance the fullness of the lash line or give the appearance of a corrected lash line.  Weaker areas of the lash line can be made to look full/natural with the Volume Lashing.  Depending on how many natural lashes you have, the process of Volume Lashing can take as little as 2 hours and as long as 3.5 hours for a full 2D or 3D lash line. 

Classic + Volume

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This process takes the "one-to-one" of Classic Lashing and combines it with the 2D & 3D of Volume Lashing.   Volume Lashing is where you use a thinner extension and apply 2 or 3 eyelash extensions to 1 natural lash.  Most of the Volume Lashing is kept to the outer half of the eye, in order to give a much fuller look.  Volume Lashing can also be used to visually correct a thinner area in the lash line, even if that thinner area is in the middle of the lash line.  Normally, Volume is added to the Classic Full Set/Fill if requested or time permits.  Full Set appointments take approx 2.5 hours.  Fills take approx 1 hour or can be scheduled for 1.5 hours if more time is wanted to add Volume to the Classic Look. 

First Time Fill

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Eyelash Extensions are becoming more popular in Northwest Arkansas.  People travel to the area on business or are new to town after moving from another region of the US.  Some are looking for a One Time Fill and others need a steady, local Eyelash Specialist.  This makes it so that we have many clients coming to Premier for an Eyelash Extension Fill even though they have Eyelash Extensions currently on from another tech.  The photos in this section show the previous technicians work (in the before photo) and the Fill work (after photo).   A First Time Fill (meaning you have never been seen by our Eyelash Specialist) takes approximately 1.5 hours.  

Colored Lashes

Aug 12 2015

Colored Lashes can be added to your normal Full Set or Fill Appointment.  Blue and Purple Lashes are very popular for brown and blue eyes alike.  For those who like to venture out a little further, we also have green, pink, yellow & red lashes.  Colored Lashes can be applied to one part of or the whole lash line.   The 'ombre lash' is ahead of the trend.  'Ombre' means the extension is black at the base and colored at the tip.   No extra time is needed to apply colored lashes during your appointment, although there is a small up-charge. 

Blonde Natural Eyelashes

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Many clients ask what their blonde lashes will look like once they have Extensions.  Here are a few examples of how your blonde lashes can be transformed by a Full Set of Eyelash Extensions. Using black glue and black extensions, can create the look of mascara without having to open the mascara tube daily. 

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