Liquid Facelift

liquid facelift before2
liquid facelift after2

Beautiful results!  This patient received a combination of products to achieve a beautifully refreshed and youthful look.  Juvederm Voluma was used to help restore lost volume in the mid face.  Although not directly treated, this patient's eyes received the benefit.  Also note the softness occuring around the smile lines in addition to the lifted appearance in the corners of her mouth thanks to Juvederm Ultra Plus.  Botox Cosmetic was injected between the eyebrows to help soften and relax the muscles resulting in a more even brow line and improved framing of the face.

Smoothness Restored

Freeman Mary L 20151016095043843 20151016095516645
Freeman Mary L 20151016095043843 20151112104602961

This patient's results are so impressive, they almost appears to be surgical.  Dr. Clifton used a custom combination of injectable products to achieve a very youthful, yet natural look for this patient.  Voluma was injected into the cheek area to help restore and define her cheekbones.  Restylane was injected to the tear troughs and Juvederm was placed in the lower face to help smooth marionette lines (smile lines).    

Natural Lift

Ward Susan B 20151009132032944 20151009132320800
Ward Susan B 20151009132032944 20151113115224831

The appeal of injectable treatments is that the results are natural.  This patient received a conservative amount of Voluma and Juvederm to acheive an overall rested look.  Notice improvements to the jowls, cheeks and eyes.

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