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DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing is a revolutionary approach to removing dead skin and eliminating superficial blemishes resulting from aging, acne, injury, or prolonged exposure to the sun. The treatments are safe for all skin types and are pain free. The DiamondTome system is much more effective than crystal based microdermabrasion (commonly found at day spas and salons) as it allows safe treatment of all facial areas including the fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The diamond coated wand gently exfoliates the skin promoting the growth of healthy new skin cells. Patients experience a radiant glow and softer smoother skin after one treatment and will continue to improve with each additional treatment.

Treatment series may vary from 4-10 sessions depending on the condition being treated.

This treatment is perfect for cosmetic rejuvenation of the skin and certain types of acne and acne scarring. Treatment leaves the skin fresh and silky smooth with no down-time.