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What is Oxy-Mist?

Oxy-Mist is a skin recovery program that puts skin on the road to recovery quicker than any other program available.

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peeling and Laser Resurfacing technologies are here to stay to help improve the texture and quality of your skin. All of these treatments involve removing top layers of skin to a greater or lesser degree.

Oxy-Mist contains Amino-Plex® a technologically advanced product with over 100 ingredients containing amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes and micellized Vitamin E. 

Using medical grade oxygen as a delivery source, Oxy-Mist is sprayed on to the skin immediately after the procedure. This treatment takes only a few minutes and feels fabulous. Oxy-Mist has been shown to improve the quality of healing and hastens recovery time.

Why Use Oxy-Mist?

As we age, our skin loses its ability to use and hold onto oxygen. By the age of 30, this ability has been reduced by almost 30% and reaches 50% by the age of 50. Less oxygen in the dermis of the skin results in more wrinkles, fine lines and skin that looks dull and lifeless. Oxygen stimulates collagen production and destroys bacteria, particularly those associated with acne. It improves the functioning of blood vessels and acts as a defense against fine lines and dull skin.

The skin's requirements for oxygen makes it an important supplement in maintaining healthy, younger looking skin.

How Oxy-Mist Helps your Skin Heal

After your peel or laser procedure when the skin is compromised, the process of healing begins with the activation of special cells that destroy bacteria and remove old or broken skin cells. The blood flow to the treated area of the skin increases, bringing nutrients and oxygen. New collagen is stimulated, to strengthen and heal the skin.

The Oxy-Mist treatment will make you look healthier and give your skin asmoother texture than you ever thought possible. If you are looking for the answer to healthy, vital looking skin, then Oxy-Mist is the answer.

In clinical studies, people treated with Oxy-Mist found it cooling, refreshing, and calming. Their skin healed fast and was tight and smooth.

What's in it for You?

Oxy-Mist is the skin treatment product for the new millennium

  • Oxy-Mist has been shown to play a role in the return of reversibly damaged cells to their normal state. This means healthier skin.
  • Oxy-Mist helps increase skin oxygen transport and utilization. This means healthier skin cells.
  • Oxy-Mist has been shown to provide conditions favorable to collagen synthesis and healthy granulation and tissue formation. This means reduced lines and more hydrated skin.
  • Oxy-Mist has been shown to accelerate reepithelization. This means that the skin heals faster.