Dr. Missy Clifton has never been more excited about a dermal filler to help replace lost volume.  Selected as 1 of 50 doctors in the US to serve on the Voluma Advisory Board, Dr. Clifton has been an advocate for this long-lasting hyaluronic acid filler since it's debut.  Because Allergan recognizes her as a National Trainer, she has hosted several events teaching other injectors her techniques for achieving a natural, beautiful, younger look in patients.  To date, Premier Dermatology & Skin Renewal Center is ranked in the top 10 of all Voluma clinics in the US. 

Is volume loss in the cheeks making you look older?

As people age, the cheek area loses volume, making the cheeks flatten out and the skin droop and sag.  Juvederm Voluma™ XC was recently approved by the FDA as the first only filler to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area in adults age 21 and over.  It instantly provides smooth, natural-looking results that last up to 2 years with optimal correction.*

How does Voluma™ XC work?

Voluma™ XC is injected under the skin with a small needle.  To make the treatment more comfortable, Voluma™ XC contains a numbing agent called lidocaine.  It works to instantly add volume and subtly lift the cheek area, temporarily reversing the sign of aging.  The more youthful profile you can achieve from the procedure lasts up to 2 years with optimal treatment.*

Achieve a more youthful look.

In clinical studies, people perceived themselves to look 5 years younger 6 months after treatment, and 3 years younger 24 months after treatment.*

Before & After*


Tami voluma2

Julia voluma 3

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 *Results and patient experience may vary.

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