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isolaz® Acne Treatment




Purify your pores from the inside out!  Isolaz controls acne at the source by providing the only technology to combine vacuum and painless broadband light.  Clear existing acne and prevent future breakouts with this new treatment.  Isolaz helps remove blackheads, oils and debris, reduce pore size, and improves skin tone and texture.  


Why Isolaz Acne Therapy?

*Isolaz clinical studies show immediate results within 24-48 hours, including reduced redness and immediate drying/flattening of the blemish

*64% of "non-responders" to oral, topicals and lasers had over 75% clearance

*Patients had 88% clearance of papular, pustular, comedonal, nodual and inflammatory acne.

*Isolaz helps jump-start acne treatments by helping your skin absorb topical medicines and moisturizers better.


What to expect?  The treatment is painless.  A session takes about 30 minutes.  You can resume normal activities immediately.  We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments, 1 week apart.