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Melafind- Melanoma Diagnostic Tool

Now Available at Premier




Premier Dermatology is proud to announce the addition of Melafind to our practice.  


Melafind is the world’s first and only device of its kind. Melafind, developed by MELA Sciences and recently approved by the FDA, uses a highly sophisticated computer vision system to collect information about a mole or lesion, not only on the surface of the skin, but 2.5mm deep. Melafind is painless and non-invasive.


1.    What is Melafind? 

Melafind is a diagnostic tool that "sees" into the skin and informs the doctor whether your mole is disorganized.  The doctor can use this information to decide if the mole should be biopsied.


2.    How does it work?

Melafind uses 10 wavelengths of light to get information about your mole from and under the skin surface and is able to see features that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Melafind collects that information, processes it and tells the doctor how irregular your mole appears.


3.    How does the patient benefit?

This is the latest technology in melanoma detection.

It’s a non-invasive, painless way for your doctor to find out more about your mole- and it delivers the information immediately. Many patients worry about us "cutting' on areas such as the face, for cosmetic reason, unless absolutely necessary. Melafind helps take the guesswork out of melanoma detection.  

4.    “Low” and “High”?  What does it mean?

Low: A display of “Low Disorganization” means your mole has patterns similar to benign moles.

High:  Melafind is very good at detecting melanoma; however a display of “High Disorganization” means that the growth pattern of your mole looked unusual under the skin’s surface.

Your dermatologist will use this information together with other criteria to decide whether or not to remove your mole. 



Every hour, one person in the US dies of melanoma and 15 people are diagnosed with the disease.  When detected in its earliest stages, melanoma is highly curable.   “Melafind can help us save lives, no question about it,” said Dr. Clifton.