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Dr. Clifton has a gem on her hands with this practice. The very professional staff have great credentials and excellent customer service.
I have visited both the dermatology clinic and skin renewal center. Whether you are looking to clear up a spot of eczema or have a tattoo removed, this place offers a full range of dermatology services.
This is not just for the ladies. Men will find services tailored to the discerning man looking for personal dermatology care.
There is enough staff to allow for short term appointment scheduling. The clinic is setup for growth and is ready to serve.  - Not just for the Ladies
Dr. Clifton is not only a very talented and understanding medical professional - probably the best dermatologist in the area - but has managed to create a tremendous medical practice and includes a beautiful spa environment. I am a medical patient and get wonderful responsiveness from either the doctor or her nurse practitioner, Kara, who obviously worked very closely with Dr. Clifton to learn the best treatment regime for her dermatology patients.
Kara worked to get my medical issues under control and the practice stocks all the supportive products - washes, lotions, cosmetics - along with other knowledgeable staff to assist you with those. I have yet to take advantage of any spa services, but will do so after attending the open house, seeing the wonderful new building, and taking advantage of the specials that were offered. Can't wait to check it out.  - Full Service Dermatology Clinic
I have been a medical patient for years off and on. Recently, I experienced the spa. OH MY WORD!!!! I have been to spas in many places, from the Caribbean to cruise ships and nearly every spa in Eureka Springs and had some wonderful massages and spa treatments. This is so much more...a true spa experience. You are put in a soft robe upon your arrival, taken to an incredible lounge to relax with a mimosa or glass of wine until your appointment time. You feel like an honored guess. Love it. I have had some amazing massages, but this was seamless. The pressure was perfect, and you don't have to ask for the extras (aromatherapy, hot towels) it is just part of the experience! Two girlfriends and I spend the morning here, and we were all blown away. From the front desk and Chrissie who waited on us like royalty, to the perfect massage with Rena and Jessica, it was a perfect morning.  - A True Spa Experience
Dr. Allen is sooo amazing! I went in for skin tag removals and she talked me through the whole thing even though I was scared out of my mind. She is so friendly and personable that she really made me feel better about my skin and how to take care of it. I haven't taken advantage of the spa services next door but it seems that they are highly regarded for their services. I look forward to visiting the spa in the future!  - Personable Experience
Dr. Missy is the most knowledgable dermatologist in the state "hands down." She was able to cure what 5 other doctors couldn't even identify! She has turned my face from rough and ragged to baby butt smooth!"  - Finally Cured