Medical Grade Skincare - The Dangers of Buying Online
~ Beth TessierLindsey Jeffs-Elkins
It's Wednesday night and you’re tired. Time to wash your face and apply all those skin care products that you bought at Premier Dermatology. As you push the pump down on your TNS Essential Serum, you shockingly say, "I’m out!"

It's Wednesday night and you’re tired.  Time to wash your face and apply all those skin care products that you bought at Premier Dermatology.  As you push the pump down on your TNS Essential Serum, you shockingly say, "I’m out!"  You continue talking to yourself: "Let’s see.  I can’t get there Thursday or Friday.  Oh no!  I have to wait until Monday, and I need it now!"  Naturally, your first instinct is to go online to see if you can get that amazing two-day delivery from Amazon Prime.  Resist the urge - DON’T DO IT!

Did you know that it’s actually illegal for SkinMedica products (or any medical grade skincare) to be sold by an online retailer that is NOT a physician’s practice (like Premier)?  There’s a reason why these products aren’t sold at your local big box store.  Medical grade products often contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and should only be recommended by someone who is educated on skin types, skin conditions, and ingredients.  Skin experts are trained to guide you in purchasing and using products formulated for your specific skin type and condition.  Below are a few reasons why you should only purchase your skin care products through a physician’s practice or website:

  • The products may look like SkinMedica packaging, but may actually be fake and made to look identical.  If the site your purchasing from doesn't have direct access to the manufacturer, where's it coming from?
  • The product may be expired.  If the product is expired, it may lose its efficacy.  While you think it may be okay, it could hurt your skin.  Just because the product doesn’t burn your skin doesn’t mean it's not harming your skin.  Furthermore, if you have an adverse reaction, who do you turn to?  Who wants skin care advice from a random internet "expert?"  What’s the point in applying (and purchasing) a product that may not work?
  • When you purchase a product through an online store, you have no way of knowing what you’re getting.  Is it legit?  It could be diluted with...who knows what!

Your skin is your largest organ.  Don't risk damaging it.  Aside from the fact that you’re putting it on one of your most important features - your face!  Trust us.  The cost will definitely be greater than the amount of money you saved.

Are you interested in changing your skincare routine?  Come in and visit with one of our amazing aestheticians or physicians who will help you find your clinically-proven, undiluted, non-expired products.  Or visit our website and check out all the services and products we offer to make you love the skin you're in!


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