Tune in to Radio Frequency
~ Sara Fast
Ultrasound, radio frequency, light therapy. Wait a minute...are those just things we need to view babies in utero, hear great songs in the car, and see in the dark?

Ultrasound, radio frequency, light therapy.  Wait a minute...are those just things we need to view babies in utero, hear great songs in the car, and see in the dark?  Well, yes and no.  Dermatologist and the engineers that back them have created impressive tools for harnessing and delivering energy to the skin.  In one seemingly simple looking hand piece, that energy can do anything from stimulating collagen and smoothing wrinkles to totally resurfacing the skin.  

Which brings us to the point of the latest in derm-devices: Thermiā„¢ radio frequency technology.  We are very excited to offer such an impressive array of treatments all based on the use of radio frequency.  Thermi treatments are performed all over the body and stimulate a collagen-inducing response via the use of heat.  No, we're not sticking you in a microwave!  Thermi procedures are actually very gentle.  In fact, most patients relate it to a warm massage.  Thermi procedures are quite flexible and allow providers the ability to control the amount of heat being delivered to the skin.  Some temperature settings tighten the skin while other settings actually melt fat.  The most popular areas that we treat are the eyes, mouth, face, double-chin, neck, abdomen, thighs and vagina.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Feminine rejuvenation is no joke.  Aging, childbirth and other factors can affect the skin "down there."  The aptly named ThermiVa treatment gently emits heat to help tighten vaginal tissue while improving incontinence.  Our patients are saying, "It's a win-win."  Thermi treatments are not just for the surface of the skin.  There is even a minimally invasive option to contour the skin with precision.  ThermiTight technology is used to define jawlines and remove double-chins.  Let's not forget about the underarms.  ThermiDry is another minimally invasive option to target over-active sweat glands causing them to shrink and become less productive.  Just think about August in Arkansas.  Less sweat is a good thing!     

Radio frequency has been around for a long time.  Next time you turn the dial to your favorite FM station, consider how those waves of energy can be harnessed to change your skin...from head to toe.  


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