Medical Grade Skincare - The Dangers of Buying Online
~ Beth TessierLindsey Jeffs-Elkins
It's Wednesday night and you’re tired. Time to wash your face and apply all those skin care products that you bought at Premier Dermatology. As you push the pump down on your TNS Essential Serum, you shockingly say, "I’m out!"
Acne now? Really??
~ Beth Tessier
Acne isn’t just for teens. Many people have it as adults.
Tune in to Radio Frequency
~ Sara Fast
Ultrasound, radio frequency, light therapy. Wait a minute...are those just things we need to view babies in utero, hear great songs in the car, and see in the dark?
Pour Some Sugar on Me...In the Name of Hair
~ Sara Fast
It's hot, sticky-sweet from your head to your feet. Technically it's room temperature, but you get the idea. The question with sugar is no longer, "one lump or two?" It's, "is sugaring right for me?"


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