Over 200 million people worldwide are affected by incontinence and only half of them seek help.  With EMSELLA, treating incontinence has never been easier.  BTL Emsella PIC Chair unit

By utilizing HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, EMSELLA stimulates powerful contractions not achievable by normal efforts.  In fact, one session of EMSELLA is equivalent to 11,000 pelvic contractions (or Kegels)!  


Aging, childbirth, and menopause can lead to incontinence.  EMSELLA is a treatment chair that sends powerful, effective contractions through the pelvic floor to strengthen both muscles and the bladder.


To find out if EMSELLA is right for you, contact Premier to schedule your complimentary consultation.  EMSELLA treatments are available at Premier Dermatology at Bentonville.


Who is the right candidate for EMSELLA?

EMSELLA is a great option for women of any age who desire a solution for urinary incontinence and improvement in their quality of life.  In fact, men dealing with incontinence issues can benefit, too!  The only patients who are not candidates for the treatment are those who are pregnant, nursing, menstruating or those with a pacemaker or defibrillator.  

How long is the session and how many treatments do I need?

A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes and you will need about 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week.

What does the treatment feel like?  Is it painful?

You will experience tingling and pelvic floor muscles’ contractions during the procedure. You may resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.

How fast will I see results?

You may observe improvement after a single session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks.