Instant wrinkle correction... the magic ingredient is you!

RADIESSE® wrinkle filler makes you the magic ingredient in your own wrinkle correction:

  • Stimulated your body to produce new collagen
  • Gives you a natural and youthful look immediately
  • Long lasting… in many patients, results may last up to a year or more.

RADIESSE® wrinkle filler instantly corrects facial wrinkles to give you a natural, younger look that lasts. If it sounds like magic, that's because it is. Actually, the magic ingredient is you. RADIESSE® wrinkle filler stimulates your body to produce your own natural collagen to restore fullness and smooth out the signs of aging. And in many patients, the results may last a year or more.*

Why are more and more patients being treated with Radiesse Wrinkle Filler every year?

  • Clinical studies show that RADIESSE® patients are significantly more satisfied than patients treated with other leading wrinkle fillers.*
  • RADIESSE® wrinkle filler is more effective at correcting wrinkles than other leading wrinkle fillers.*

    *Results and patient experience may vary.